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An initiation into SCUBA

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Friday 28 November 1997

Breakfast today was scrambled eggs, bacon, watermelon and guava, toast and jelly. We moved around to Salt Pond, St. John.

Gwen and I did a dive for 50 minutes at 50 feet.
00309532298720110308184058574.jpgUnder water just learning to use the camera

Under water just learning to use the camera

We saw juvenile spotted drum, trumpet fish, green moray, spotted moray, nurse shark, flameback angelfish, green angelfish, rock beauty, French grunt, various parrot fish, squirrel fish, goat fish, queen triggerfish, surgeons and blue tangs, branching fire coral, pillar coral, common sea fan, sea whip, star coral, brain coral, red boring sponge, barrel sponges, and purple bay sponge.
00309532298720110308184052465.jpg00309532298720110308184054247.jpg00309532298720110308184055606.jpg00309532298720110308184056966.jpgsquirrel fish

squirrel fish


Yesterday, Gwen gave me a little booklet to write down what we did each day.
So I started right away. I would identify the fish we saw from her book of Reef Creatures or the one on Reef Fish

Gwen gave Bob a resort course off the rocks at Salt Ponds - 25 feet for 40 minutes. A resort course is typically a few hours long consisting of a lecture, some pool work to get acquainted with the equipment and then a dive or two. We were hoping that Bob would see why I lived diving so much so that he would do it too.

He saw 4 queen triggerfish, pillar coral, sergeant majors, smooth trunkfish, Spanish hogfish, squirrelfish, black bar soldier fish, angel fish, Nassau grouper, a juvenile drum and a school of sennett. (Identified with Gwen's help).

Then we had lunch (seafood salad and hot bread) and pulled the anchor and motored outside of the headlands, where we raised the mainsail and unfurled the jib and sailed out toward St. Croix.
Bob at the wheel of the second charter boat

Bob at the wheel of the second charter boat

We tacked back past Coral Bay and anchored at Hurricane Hole. Before dinner we had hors d'oevres of Italian torte, and dinner was pasta and hot bread with chocolate sticks for dessert.
Coral Bay

Coral Bay

Gwen and Don told us about how they survived Hurricane Marilyn. Gwen took all the sails and canvas off, and filled Whisper's tanks with water and gas (400 gallons of water and 100 gallons of gas) and then hauled her. The travel-lift driver was unhappy because the boat was so heavy. Don took the heaviest anchor with him on the ferry They sailed Tackless II to Hurricane Hole. There were some other boats there already. They anchored with several anchors and also tied off to the shore.

Finished up about 8 p.m. and went to bed.

Saturday, 29 November 1997

Overnight there were large gusts of wind at intervals. The goats on the hill were very noisy, but it was very calm and I slept well. Two ketches are rafted up in the anchorage, plus Captain Fatty Goodlander's boat.

We got up about 7:30, and had breakfast (sausage, eggs, rolls, fruit). Left the mooring , got underway and sailed towards Roadtown, Tortola, BVI

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What is Hurricane Hole? Nature-made storm shelter?

Were you already doing notes of your trips when Gwen gave you the booklet?

Must have been an good spot to dive, or at least you see lot of different fishes! :)

by hennaonthetrek

A Hurricane Hole is a protected spot to anchor where the wind and waves are blocked. And on St. John, that is also actually the name of a place like that.

No I wasn't doing notes of my trips except that I kept track of expenses. I think this was the first time I kept a log except for the 1964 trip to Europe where I didn't keep a log but I wrote all that I did in letters to my mother which served as a log. After I wrote this part of this trip up, I did a diary of the Belize trip and then when we were traveling on our boat I wrote a log of the trip and also started sending descriptive emails to my mother.

Yes the diving was great

by greatgrandmaR

The last picture on this section has the chart with Hurricane Hole labeled.

by greatgrandmaR

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